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The Arkansas REALTORS® Association held its first convention at the Hotel Pines in Pine Bluff, Arkansas on September 28, 1925. The Pine Bluff Board of REALTORS® was officially chartered in January 1926, with Pinchback Taylor elected as its first president. From that time until 1943, Mr. Taylor or Hunter McGhee served the board as President. There have been eight (8) REALTORS® from the Pine Bluff Board to serve as State President of the Arkansas REALTORS® Association. Each of them are long time family names in the Jefferson County, Arkansas Community.


1933 - Pinchback Taylor

1939 - E.W. Kimber

1944 - Shaffer Haley

1945 - R.W. McNew

1960 - Frank Triplett

1966 - Howard Buckner

1972 - W.L. Bill Burroughs, Jr.

1992 - Kay Lawrence

2024 - Tamara Works

The Jefferson County Board of REALTORS® is considered a “small board” averaging 60 members for the past several years. It is a classic example of quality, not quantity. The organization is known throughout the state association as a leader in ARPAC and their political outreach. We annually participate in a minimum of four charitable activities. To name a few: Neighbor to Neighbor, Special Olympics, Ring the Bells for Salvation Army, Humane Society, Summer Cereal Program, Christmas for Children, Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Red Cross, and Shriners Hospital. 


In 2018 the "Pine Bluff Board of REALTORS®" changed their name to "Jefferson County Association of REALTORS®"

Monthly meetings are held at noon every month. Check Calendar for date and location. All members and affiliates are encouraged to attend. 


For information on how YOU can become a member or an affiliate, contact Megan Pennington, Association Executive for the local board at

[501-471-0706] or [].

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